Wodehouse Road

Client: Private

This project is the radical transformation of an existing detached bungalow on the North Norfolk coast.

The layout of the existing house has been adjusted with a new extension providing a modern open plan kitchen/dining room. The existing integral garage is converted into a new bedroom and the roof is converted to provide an additional master bedroom. A new double height entrance hall provides clear circulation for the house, with a new staircase providing access to the converted roof space. The main East/West circulation corridor separates the bedrooms to the North with the main habitable rooms. The family rooms (kitchen/dining and lounge) face South to allow all the occupants to enjoy the amenity of the garden and southerly aspect. 

The simple palette of materials respond to the modest materials used locally. The majority of the existing walls will be faced with timber weatherboarding. A subtle dark facing brick has been selected for the walls of the new extension. This complements the weatherboarding with a subtle textural contrast and defines the old from the new. 

The roof is finished with Anthra Zinc standing seam roof finish, which allows for neat crisp detailing to the eaves and new dormer window as well as providing a durable and traditionally crafted finish.

A new pergola is introduced to the South (garden) elevation to provide a defined space for external seating as well as providing solar shading to the new glazing. The pergola will also provide support for new climbing plants providing a foil for the new works.