The Towers

Client: Richmond Towers and Courts Company Ltd

The Towers is a private estate in Richmond upon Thames which is occupied by four main residential blocks, the largest being The Towers - an eleven storey 1960s building.

With a limited budget, a simple design for the upgrade of the entrance lobby was agreed, which retained the existing mosaic tiled finishes to the wall and used this subtle tone as the basis for new floor finishes and new lighting design. The carpet floor finish was replaced with a new limestone floor to match the tone of the original tiles. A new bespoke stone bench formed from the limestone flooring provides a new place to meet or wait. All superfluous signage was removed and a new suite of complementary signage installed.

The refurbished lobby provides a much improved environment and has helped to significantly increase property values within the block.

The contract was successfully managed and administered by our practice and the works were completed within the anticipated budget.