Petersham House

Client: Private

The site is situated within a cul-de-sac at the end of a street lined with two storey flats in Petersham, Richmond upon Thames. The new proposals include the demolition of an existing detached dwelling and the construction of a new 4 bedroom detached house.

The proposed building is conceived as simple blocks of accommodation either side of a circulation core. The blocks have been ‘pushed and pulled’ to suit the internal layout and articulate the central entrance, which breaks up the massing of the building. The First floor over sails the ground floor accommodation providing natural shelter to the entrance.

In plan, accommodation is simply composed around a central entrance/circulation core at the center of the house, this permits views through the property to the garden.

The new fabric is designed to exceed current building regulations and on site renewables will be incorporated to reduce the carbon emissions further. In addition, the use of a green roof, solid floors, masonry walls, windows with deep reveals and high levels of insulation will provide thermal mass to assist in ensuring there will be no need for artificial cooling.