Cleveland Road

Client: Private

This project includes the extension, alteration and general refurbishment of a building of Townscape merit on a prominent corner within the Barnes Green Conservation Area. The existing host property is a maisonette, which forms part of a tall two storey Victorian semi-detached dwelling.

Our approach was to replace a poor quality timber framed extension with a new two storey masonary wing and a new single storey infill within an underutilised and overshadowed yard space. The scale and form of the new extensions have been sensitively designed to not cause any significant loss of daylight or sunlight to neighbouring properties whilst providing an improved family home. 

The two storey form maintains the existing familiar profile and is detailed in a sympathetic manner with the use of high quality materials and familiar detailing.

The single storey extension is subordinate and separated from the original host structure with a new small courtyard, so that the original form can still be appreciated, as well as continuing to allow natural light into the existing rear room. 

The new walls are faced with matching yellow stock brickwork and aluminium sliding doors provide improved visual and physical links with the garden and courtyard.

The roof of the single storey extension is finished with a “sedum” covered green roof, which provides additional bio-diversity, rainwater attenuation and a pleasant outlook from above. Zinc standing seam is used for eaves detailing and as a crisp finish to the new two storey extension. 

Internally the structure has been honestly expressed with volumes following the form of the superstructure and existing brick walls and new steelwork honestly exposed.