Avenue Elmers

Client: Private

Following a number of planning refusals for redevelopment of this steeply sloping back land site in Surbiton, we were appointed to design a suitable residential scheme for the site. Our consented proposal is a trio of terrace houses. The new houses replace a single detached bungalow.

A simple masonry composition responds to the simple masonry buildings within the immediate context. In section, the dwellings respond to the slope of the site and are sympathetic to the scale of the adjacent buildings, ensuring no adverse over shadowing, loss of daylight or amenity to adjacent properties.

The scheme is designed to be self-effacing and low key, with the majority of the building constructed with facing brickwork. The subtle articulation to the front of the terrace is reinforced with subtle masonry detailing. We have designed a low green roof, which has a number of advantages: firstly, it provides an unobtrusive and natural surface when viewed from above. Secondly, the green roof helps reduce surface water runoff. In addition, the green roof will promote biodiversity.

The practice standard specification used on this project includes: non toxic building materials, low/no VOC paint, no U-PVC windows, doors or other products, and preference of natural sustainably sourced materials over man made non-recyclable materials.